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Study Resources


Have you heard about the Learning Centre? What about UNSW Smarthinking? 

CrimSoc considers the wide variety of CRIM-related resources and services available and provides advice on how our students can use these to benefit their criminological studies. 

You can also find reference guides and CRIM-subject-specific study material on this page. 

Learning & Careers Hub  

If you are needing help with academic writing or have any study-related concerns and issues, general or specific, The Hub offers individual consultation sessions where you will be paired with an Academic Language and Facilitator who can assist you in resolving any academic concerns you may have. Consultation time can last up to one hour. 

CrimSoc Peer Mentoring Program 

CrimSoc Peer Mentoring Program is an initiative that aims to connect more experienced Criminology students with first and second year Criminology students to support them with their studies. If you would like some extra support with your CRIM or SOSS related core, prescribed or elective subjects, then apply to be a Mentee.

Writing Help 

Some resources that can provide you with strategies to help you with your essay and assignment writing.

High School vs University Writing 

The document below highlights some differences between high school and university writing which may assist students new to or unfamiliar with university writing styles.

UNSW Essay & Assignment Writing 

UNSW Smarthinking 

Officially sanctioned by UNSW, UNSW Smarthinking is an online writing support service that allows students to submit drafts of their writing to or connect with a Smarthinking tutor in a real-time session and receive comprehensive feedback on a variety of writing areas. 

Subject-specific Study Material 

CRIM2020 & 2021

La Trobe Law Short Guide to Answering Legal Problems 

Student-initiated group chat

Referencing Guides


For enquiries and further information, please contact UNSW Criminology Society at:

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