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Past General Assistant Profile


Ashwini Muruganandam

2021 & 2022 President of CrimSoc 

2020 Arc Club Member of the Year

During my tenure as a General Assistant in 2020, I assumed the position with expectations of potential grappling with hierarchical resistance and politics as it was one of the minor roles in the organisational structure, however, UNSW Criminology Society's working culture swiftly proved me otherwise. The team valued and treasured our purpose and ambitions far greater than unproductive politics and ego, which ensured any individual with an admirable passion for the work will be well-rewarded and appreciated.


Engaging with committed members with a deep sense of justice and the society's meritocratic approach developed a strong sense of belonging and inspired the entire team to upgrade ourselves consistently. With the trust and tenacity we developed as a team, we worked relentlessly on our projects and left no rocks unturned - ultimately, at the end of a bad day, we laughed at our misfortune together and, at the end of a good day, we celebrated together.


Now, as the 2021 President, I'm determined to preserve and carry forward CrimSoc's working culture as we embark on this new journey with greater resolutions for 2021.

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