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CrimSoc Industry Mentor Program


The Industry Mentor Program (IMP) is UNSW Criminology Society’s latest program that endeavours to match Criminology students with industry professionals (Mentors).  

As a society run by Criminology students for Criminology students, we recognise the ambiguities and overall broadness of available careers within the criminology field. Students who are accepted into the program hence will be matched with a Mentor based on their career-related and general interests.


The Program is still in its infancy and as such will be subjected to a initial trial run for a total of 5 weeks. We are immensely grateful for Mentors who helped us make this program possible by volunteering to provide career assistance and guidance; who have demonstrated their empathy and their enthusiasm to help our fellow Criminology students. 

Information for Mentors

Role description 

To students, their Industry Mentors will be a guide and a reliable resource, as well as a friend, an inspiring figure and a role model. As an Industry Mentor, you will share your experience and advice, personal and professional, with students studying Criminology; assisting students with reaching their potential and their career goals. 

What kind of Mentoring Activities might I engage in?

  • Career Consultations

    • Discussing potential pathways to pursue after graduation 

    • Assisting with setting career goals 

    • Strategising appropriate means to achieve the student's goals

  • Job Search and Application Process

    • Advising about job search 

    • Reviewing the student's job application documents such as their resume, CV and cover letter

    • Assisting with the preparation for a job interview 


  • Professional Guidance 

    • Sharing own experience about the transition from university into a professional world  

    • Assisting the student with practising and improving their networking skills 

What is the Time Commitment like?

You will be assigned one student at one time whom you will mentor for an estimate of 1 hour per week. 



The above details what the Industry Mentor Program might look like in practice. This is however flexible and you are at liberty to discuss and decide the kind of activities as well as the length and frequency of your sessions with your student. This is entirely dependent on the availabilities and needs of the student/mentor and is to be negotiated between the two parties during the first session together. 

What you can expect from the program:

  • A detailed document will be sent to you once the program and recruitment are finalised. This will include information about program objectives and expectations.

  • Throughout the IMP, you will be provided with support from the program coordinator/team to ensure a successful experience. 

  • The IMP is reliant on regular communication and will be readily supervised by the program director and relevant CrimSoc Committee members. 

What we expect from our Industry Mentors:

  • A Criminology Industry Mentor who is responsible and acts as a guide, a friend and a source of information for students.

  • You will use an amalgamation of your past education and professional experience(s) as a pool of knowledge, and inspire students to work hard both at UNSW and in their future career paths.

Industry Mentor Registration 

Mentor Intake Status: CLOSED 

Registration Start Date: 27 Sep 2021

Registration End Date: TBA

Industry Mentor Briefing  

Mentors will be required to attend one of the two Mandatory Briefing Sessions below, to ensure a full understanding of program requirements:


First Briefing Session: 25 Oct 2021, 7:00pm

Second Briefing Session: 27 Oct 2021, 7:00pm

Information for Mentees

Who can register?

The IMP primarily caters to final-year Criminology students and recent Alumni (graduated in 2020-2021), however, 2nd-year students can also register and be considered for a mentee position.  


All mentees MUST attend one of the two information sessions below BEFORE they can register. ​

First Information Session: 23 Oct 2021, 7:00pm


Second Information Session: 29 Oct 2021, 7:00pm



Mentee Intake Status: CLOSED

Registration Commence Date: 23 Oct 2021, 8:00pm

Registration End Date: 30 Oct 2021, 11:59pm


This program is highly competitive as there are limited mentee positions. Please ensure to answer the questions included in the registration form to the best of your abilities in order to maximise your chance of being accepted into the program.

Program Commence Date: 1 Nov

Program End Date: 6 Dec

Mentor Registration
Participant Registration

Key Dates

[23 Oct]

  • (7:00pm) Mentee Information Session #1

  • (8:00pm) Mentee Registration OPENS

[25 Oct] 

  • (7:00pm) Mentor Briefing Session #1

[27 Oct] 

  • (7:00pm) Mentor Briefing Session #2

[29 Oct]  

  • (7:00pm) Mentee Information Session #2 

[30 Oct] 

  • (11:59pm) Mentee Registration CLOSES

[1 Nov]

  • Program Commences

[6 Dec] 

  • Program Ends


For enquiries and further information, please contact UNSW Criminology Society at:

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