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#Aboriginal Lives Matter: Past, Present & Future

2020 Award-winning UNSW CrimSoc Original Interview Series

Hear what our past mentors say about our programs...

Criminology in Law & Justice

FAQ about Criminology's shift to the Faculty of Law & Justice addressed by Prof. Andrew Lynch (Dean of UNSW Law & Justice) and Dr Phillip Wadds (Senior Lecturer in Criminology)

Our Previous Achievements 


Arc Club Online Activity Award

#AboriginalLivesMatter Interview Series

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Featured on Australian & New Zealand Society of Criminology's Newsletter PacifiCrim

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Launched CrimSoc's Alumni Association & Volunteer Team

Statement of Solidarity: #BlackLivesMatter & #AboriginalLivesMatter

UNSW CrimSoc supports the Black Lives Matter movement and its parallel, the Aboriginal Lives Matter movement, here in Australia.


We recognise that there is a need for reforms in the criminal justice system, and a need to address the racist attitudes permeating throughout society which is reflected in our legal systems.

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