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The UNSW CrimSoc Alumni Association is an organ owned and operated by UNSW CrimSoc. With an increasingly difficult job market to penetrate, UNSW CrimSoc is committed to supporting students to reach their career aspirations by connecting them with past graduates and leading academics within the criminological sphere. As a member of the Alumni Association, you will not only receive the chance to gather and network with other graduates to share your experience post-university, but also the opportunity to provide support to our upcoming graduates. CrimSoc organises career and networking events such as speaker panels, career seminars and cocktail events allowing you to connect with past and upcoming graduates.  

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About Us

The UNSW Criminology Society (UNSW CrimSoc) is the social, professional development, and student affairs organisation of all UNSW Criminology students. 


CrimSoc seeks to enrich our students’ academic experience and raise awareness on contemporary topical criminological debates both nationwide and global. We achieve this through organising initiatives such as our peer mentoring program to support younger students, weekly book clubs and speaker panels led by leading academics.


For enquiries and further information, please contact UNSW Criminology Society at:

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