CrimSoc Committee 2021

Who we are.

The UNSW Criminology Society (UNSW CrimSoc) is the social, professional development, and student affairs organisation of all UNSW Criminology students. CrimSoc seeks to enrich our students’ academic experience and raise awareness on contemporary topical criminological debates both nationwide and global.


We achieve this through organising initiatives such as our peer mentoring program to support younger students, weekly book clubs and speaker panels led by leading academics. Furthermore, in supporting our students to achieve their professional and career aspirations, CrimSoc also organises networking sessions that allows current students to connect and draw from the experiences of graduates and professionals. Moreover, in supporting our students’ wellbeing and importance of encouraging meaningful connections, CrimSoc also plans several social events including Movie and Trivia Nights, Cocktail Parties and afternoon teas which allow students to make new friends amongst their cohort. Currently, CrimSoc is run by a team of executives overseeing our various departments and supported by a team of dedicated subcommittee members and general assistants.



Ashwini Muruganandam


Welcome. I'm Ashwini Muruganandam, the President of the UNSW Criminology Society and a Second-year Criminology and Criminal Justice student. Under my position, my responsibilities include coordinating and managing the various departments of the 2021 Committee, and sub-groups like the Alumni Association and the Volunteer Team.


I directly oversee every CrimSoc programs, events, meetings and materials - from project organisation to strategy implementation, to finance management. On top of my duties, I also take pride in leading CrimSoc's special initiatives like Interview Series, Podcasts and Conferences. Throughout my term, along with the 2021 Committee, we aspire to achieve great heights, expand opportunities for our students to maximise their potentials and most importantly, to develop a thriving UNSW Criminology Community. Under my leadership, UNSW CrimSoc aims to support and strengthen every student's passion for justice.


Please feel free to email me for any enquiries, suggestions, opportunities or even concerns - I will be happy to listen.

E: ash.muruganandam@gmail.com


Helen Li


Greetings everyone. My name is Helen Li and I am an undergraduate, Criminology student at UNSW and the Treasurer of UNSW Criminology Society. As Treasurer, I oversee all financial affairs of CrimSoc, this includes applying for grants, communicating with sponsors, managing reimbursements, keeping financial records and more.

During my time as the Treasurer, I strive to support CrimSoc by keeping an accurate and consistent record of the society's finances, while seeking for more effective ways to use available funds and assist the society in building wealth.  


If you have any questions regarding CrimSoc’s financial affairs, please do not hesitate to contact me.

E: helenli991207@gmail.com


Anne Vu

Vice President - Social Events

Hi, my name is Anne and I’m currently in my 2nd year completing my Bachelors in Criminology and Criminal Justice. What I hope to achieve as a Vice President of Social Events is to bring the students and public members together to experience some fun and exciting events relating to crime and thrillers.


Please be on the lookout for some of the events we have planned for the next following year. Hope to see you there!

E: annevu1997@gmail.com


Louise Manibo 

Arc Delegate & Grievance Officer | Vice President - Marketing & Publications

I am a third-year B Crim & Crim Justice student and currently CRIMSoc’s Grievance Officer/Arc Delegate, as well as Marketing and Publications VP! I am passionate about human rights and mental health within the criminal justice system.


As Grievance Officer, I aim to formally investigate complaints within the society and resolve them in an efficient manner and without bias. Whilst, as Arc Delegate, I endeavour to successfully ensure Club Executives are aware of Arc Clubs policies and procedures and act as a stable bridge of communication between CrimSoc and Arc.


As Marketing and Publications VP it is my duty to ensure the best side of CrimSoc is in the spotlight! Including regularly updating and promoting society achievements on social media, and conducting projects to better expand our platform! It’s my first time working up close and personal within a society, so I’m looking forward to gaining more experience within my field whilst also working closely with people who share common goals as me

E: louiseamree.manibo@gmail.com

Subcommittee & Assistant


Jerrilee Franich

Educational Events Subcommittee

Hi, my name is Jerrilee and I am a subcom for Educational Events (you may recognise me from the #Aboriginallivesmatter interviews). I very much look forward to working on events that aim to engage students!

I am currently in my final 3 terms of a Criminology and Criminal Justice degree and am looking forward to using my degree in the real world once I graduate.


I am very much looking forward to working with my committee members to ensure CrimSoc has the best year possible!


E: jerrilee.franich@gmail.com


Pui Ting Lee (Liz)

Educational Events Subcommittee

Hi, I am Pui Ting Lee, or simply call me Liz. I am a third-year international student studying the Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice.a


I am part of the educational events subcommittee in the CrimSoc this academic year. My role is to provide educational support to students. I look forward to working with and meeting students who are interested in criminology. Feel free to contact me. 


E: leeliz990901@gmail.com

IMG_0258 2.JPG

Rameez Merchant 


Hello, my name is Rameez, and I am in my third year completing a Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice. As Secretary I am responsible for formal communications within the society including sending emails and scheduling meetings with other committee members, communicating with our members and any other administrative task required of me.

My goal as Secretary is to keep things running smoothly behind the scenes. The society has a fantastic vision for the future and I simply want to do my part to keep that vision moving forward.

While most of my work will be behind the scenes, I would love to engage on the frontline with other students as well. So please feel free to send me an email any time.  

E: merchantrameez@gmail.com

Screen Shot 2021-03-26 at 17.06.44.png

Jasmine Gibson

Educational Events Subcommittee

Hi there, I am Jasmine, and I am in my second year at university studying a Bachelor of Law and Arts. My major is in criminology and I am passionate about human rights issues and always enjoy discussing criminological issues.

As part of the Educational Events subcommittee, my role is to provide quality educational resources and events for all our members. I am looking forward to doing all that I can to make your student experience with CrimSoc the best that it can be! 


E: jas.gibsonn@gmail.com


Aisha Nada 

Educational Events Subcommittee

Hi, my name is Aisha, and I am currently completing a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Criminology & Criminal Justice.


As part of the educational events subcommittee, I strive to assist criminology students with maximising their potential, by equipping them with educational resources through events. I aim to assist students with expanding their knowledge and skillset which they can implement in their degree and future careers.


Please feel free to contact me with any of your enquiries.


E: z5209849@ad.unsw.edu.au


Jenny Le

Social Events Subcommittee

Hi! My name is Jenny, I’m an undergraduate undertaking B. Psychological Science and part of the Social Events subcommittee!


My role is to closely engage with you through meaningful, educational and most importantly fun social events. Feel free to come and talk to me whether it’s about the latest social events we have at CrimSoc or just random small talks. You never know we might make a difference in your university experience leaving it an unforgettable one. So don’t be shy come and say hi!!


E: Jenny06le@gmail.com


Denise Lin 

Marketing & Publications Subcommittee

My name is Denise and I am currently in my first year of university. I am undertaking a Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Advanced Science (Honours) and am part of the Marketing and Publications subcommittee of UNSW Criminology Society.


My role involves designing cover photos, infographics, thumbnails and Facebook posts. My hobbies include reading light novels and taking care of my cat.


E: deniselin262002@gmail.com


Daniel Antoun

Educational Events Subcommittee

Hi Everyone! My name is Daniel Antoun and I am an undergraduate Law and Criminology student at UNSW. As a member of the Educational Events Subcommittee, I assist in raising student awareness on contemporary criminal justice issues and supporting students in achieving their academic and professional aspirations.


During my time as an Educational Events Subcommittee member, I strive to develop helpful initiatives to assist students excel in their studies, develop their skills, and acquire practical work experience.

E: dantoun13@gmail.com


William Djong

Social Events Subcommittee

Hi, my name is William and I am a 2nd year Computer Science student.

I am part of the social events committee. I always enjoyed organising social gatherings so I look forward to meeting you guys!


E: william.djong@yahoo.com


Stephanie Stewart 

Marketing & Publications Subcommittee

My name is Stephanie Stewart and my job in CrimSoc is with the marketing subcommittee! My role is to work collaboratively with the rest of the marketing team in organising and designing all CrimSoc communications with the public. Writing up creative and engaging posts is my speciality!


E: stephanies1010@gmail.com


Jhanavi Senthivelan 

Administrative Subcommittee

My name is Jhanavi and I am a member of the CrimSoc admin subcommittee. My role is to assist the executive team with the overall administration of the society, involving club membership, alumni and volunteer registrations. It also includes tasks such as editing documents, taking minutes at meetings, drafting emails and updating CrimSoc databases.


E: jhanavi_3@yahoo.com

Screen Shot 2021-03-26 at 17.05.21.png

Christine Kanaris

Administrative Subcommittee

Hi, I'm Christine, and I'm an undergraduate Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice student. As an Administration subcommittee member at CrimSoc, I'm primarily responsible for assisting CrimSoc with administrative affairs.


Personally, I have a passion for volunteering, and I continuously aspire to make a positive difference in contemporary society. I hope to encourage Criminology and non-Criminology students of all years to engage with CrimSoc and make the most of your time at UNSW particularly by taking advantage of the extraordinary opportunities and initiatives that CrimSoc has to offer.  

E: Christine.Kanaris@hotmail.com