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2021 Conference Team

About the Conference

UNSW Criminology Society's Virtual Crime & Justice Conference based on the theme "Southern Criminology" intends to address the cultural gap between the Western countries and the rest of the world, and decolonise criminological knowledge which is currently heavily based on Western context. The Conference embarks on a mission to bridge such intellectual imbalance by inviting guest speakers on an international scale, to come together and discuss critical Criminal Justice issues within their relevant countries. The 3-day conference will cover the following regions for each day – Middle East, Asia and Africa. Attendees will be exposed to a combination of live panels with Q&A, pre-recorded sessions and experience-based speakers covering their personal experiences with racism, gender violence and human rights violations.



The primary aim of marketing is the promotion of our upcoming conference to not only UNSW students and staff members, but students and academics throughout Sydney. As a member of our Marketing team you will not only be promoting the academics invited as speaker to our event but also the importance of the criminological debates being discussed to increase student interest and engagement. The tasks and responsibilities involving include preparing promotional material (social media posts and formal promotions) to target students and academics and strategising various methods to ensure maximum outreach amongst the criminology community.  


In corresponding with our Marketing team, your role under publications will be dedicated to handling the production of print and online media (e.g. posters, forms, badges, banners and other decorations).

Program Development 

As the program developer, you play a key role in organising the schedule and timing of the conference program. In particular, you will be planning when each speaker will be presenting, the length of time each speaker is given, when Q & A session will take place and speaking guidelines for our presenters. 


In overseeing the overall management of the conference, your role revolves around handling key administrative and logical tasks such as handling registrations and organising the ticketing process, liaising with the finance department to plan payment policies, and organising the delivery of the virtual conference. 

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CrimSoc welcomes individuals from Criminology as well as non-Criminology backgrounds.


For enquiries and further information, please contact UNSW Criminology Society at:

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